Your Business Problem

(Customer Churn/Leakage & Lost Revenue)

Business Problem
  • Operational bottlenecks causing 30% to 40% avg. churn from new customers
  • Significant impact on revenues from simple churn reasons
  • Spending 3-5 times to acquire a new customer
  • Daunting task of improving performance across multiple business locations

Our Solution

(Retain Customers & Increase Revenues)

Our Solution
  • Reduce churn and increase customer retention
  • Find/Fix bottlenecks causing churn & increase revenues
  • Pinpoint locations having issues leading to churn


Customer Voices to Actionable Insights

How it works connects to various customer feedback sources including local & social media, surveys, website feedback and various other internal business systems. Leveraging text and sentiment analysis behind the scenes, it processes all customer experiences and tags them to various business departments & categories to provide Performance, Loyalty, Location and Competitive insights for your business.

Performance Analysis

Transform customer experiences into performance insights for your business

  • Identify key performance areas for your business directly from real time customer experiences
  • Know repetitive experiences from customers before they affect your business and future customers
  • Analyze your business's excellence or improvement areas to make more happy, satisfied and loyal customers

Loyalty Analysis

Analyze customer segmentation by loyalty metrics

  • View loyalty based customer segregation - promoters, detractors and passive customers
  • Identify your loyal and non-loyal customers
  • Analyze loyalty pattern for your business over time and act to make more happy and loyal customers

Location Analysis

Analyze problems at each franchise, store, and property or business location level

  • Get an eagle eye performance view of all your business locations
  • Know growing concerns at particular locations and act on them
  • Dive into each location to analyze what is working and what not

Competitive Analysis

Benchmark your performance against your top competitors

  • Dig into competitive insights to benchmark your performance
  • Know what is bringing more loyal customers for your competitors, do loyalty comparison against them
  • Drill down to more location level competitive insights at your franchise, store or property

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